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Tuesday 24 February 2004

Cars and Marriage

Well, both my headlights are out, which means I can't drive at night. To locals of Connecticut, this is a way of explaining that I am a complete loser. Yes, a car is as vital and as necessary an accessory as it was in my high school.

So I was telling some story to Heidi (Heidi is the woman who told me I was too tall to date, so now we're buddies) that involved me getting a ride someplace, and she responded by saying she was going to come help me fix my car. Hopefully, this big 'L' will drop off my forehead...

After a lot of labor, I can now say that the bulbs are not blown and the fuse is not out and what's wrong is anybody's guess. consumer reports says something about weird electrical problems like the in the 98 bug. I'm calling the dealer tomorrow.

And, in the other news of the subject line, Dubya now supports a constitutional amendment against gay marriage. Ok, so things have been pretty clear for a while now that Christi and I did not get married to live happily ever after (yeah, all this "breaking up" stuff....). we really got married in an attempt to destroy the institution of marriage. I can tell that family values are very precarious and need constant vigilance and that the opposite sex marriage of everyone in america could be destroyed, so that's why we did it. Who knew Bush would catch on? He must be smarter than he looks.

Ok, maybe I wanted to live happily ever after, but failing that, smashing the entire isntution wouldn't be so bad.

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