Commission Music

Commission Music
Bespoke Noise!!

Monday, 29 March 2004


I've long had an ambition to write a program that would just make music for me, so I could just press go and it would make tunes. I could teach it a few pop genres and then run it a whole bunch of times and just pick some good outputs until i had an album's worth. Better yet would be to teach it somehow to evaluate the output. Somebody (a record company or something) actually has a program that will do this. So I could just feed my tunes into the pop analyzer, pick all of them with a high enough score and have instant hits. Even better would be to incorporate a neural net sort of design into the generator, so it could learn from the appraiser and create more consistently catchy music.

Well, I now have a little program that creates avant-happy tunes [listen] (when i said "pop", Aaron encouraged me to re-evaluate the pop genre...) and it repeats rhythms, but it has a different melody everytime. And it's kind of catchy, I think.

so.... now what? it's always kind of the same song. I guess I could generalize it, so the rhythms would change with every run too. But... somehow it's not as satisfying as i thought it would be. I guess it would make good video game music, since then it would get run over and over again and the repeating non-sameness of it would be interesting.

What would I do with myself once I had written the uber-music generator and it said everything I had to say?

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