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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 30 March 2004

i've already been awake for 12 hours

I got up at 5:30 this morning (before some of you west-coasters went to sleep, i'm sure) to give David ride to the airport bright and early this morning. Met him at 6:00 AM. I am not a morning person. David is nifty, though. And I have bad airport karma. At the end of spring break Ellen woke up at 4:00 to give me a lift so I could get back to school. I think I also still have bad moving karma, although I've helped so many folks move, I may have worked it off by now. I think that and then I remember Lisa Peña standing with me at the bottom of some stairs with a refrigerator. the stairs were outdoors and kind of steep and painted cement (bright purple, in fact) and all slippery. And it was pouring rain and the gutter was jammed, so all the water from the roof, whose overhang ended exactly in the middle of of the stairs, was running down onto us and onto the fridge, and from there on to us. Think of all the water from the 6 foot wide by however many feet long section of the roof running down the fridge on to us, while we struggled to hoist a refrigerator into the lovely second-floor Casaninja 2. Ah, Casaninja 2, where we had decided to settle forever.... until midway through painting it, the landlord told us that it was for sale. Best laid plans, etc...

So I've been drinking coffee! and tea! to stay awake! I was the smartest person on earth and was going to write a bunch of proofs about the fibbonacci series (what a nutty series it is), but it's wearing off, and now I might just nap or write a paper. zzzzzzz

Saw presentation today by a composer named John McGuire. He's pretty cool. He talked about the fibonnacci series, which he used for a piece he played a tape of called A Cappella. the piece is lovely.

I've been asked about the melody for my latest musical endeavor. There exists a recording of me improvising lyrics. Jess has it. I'll post mp3 when she passes it along. *hint*

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