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Wednesday 31 March 2004

I am ready for winter to be over

Yes, I am technically experiencing what New Englanders describe as "spring," but to my Bay Area self, this is winter. fall was winter and winter was winter on steroids. It is still bleak out. Yesterday, there were snow flurries as I walked to class. Today, it's rainging and cold. I guess I should feel happy that it's not freezing rain. I'm going to go back to wearing thermal underwear, since the warmth of last week was clearly a fluke.

the trees are still baren. Only the grass and the evergreens are green. Everything is brown and dead. No flowers bloom. Few birds sing. A few trees are thinking about waking up, but there are almost no visible buds. It's a replaying of the desolation of fall, but in reverse. And it's still desolate.

Let's emphasize some words: bleak, barren, desolate, cold.

And it is now quite clear that the weather and my mood are strongly linked (one is like a barometer for the other... ha ha ha). Is this like a normal thing?

To do:

  • find tax paper work and mail it to tax guy. (deadline ASAP)... ack i lost my w2 form...
  • modify symphony movement to fit requirements for American Composers Forum content, print it, put it in the mail. (postmark deadline tomorrow)
  • write short paper about Joan of Arc, binary oppositions and the male gaze (due next wednesday).
  • Write one other short paper of undecided topic (also due wednesday).
  • Ask advisor for resume advice, figure out where to send resume, send it off (asap).
  • do paperwork for out of department course (should have done this weeks ago)
  • installation idea for first weekend of may symposium (due?)

And all I want to work on is the ultimate pop song generator.... by which i mean, it's an idea that i can't escape. i thinking baout how to do drum patters for Urban Hipster, and I end up thinking about the logics behind the creation of drum patterns and how you might be able to tell a computer to modify a pattern based on song intensity levels or to develop it's own patterns or what the rules are for drum patterns in different genres and how to represent those grammers.... i'm going to go write a giant drum object thingee while sitting on the radiator and ignoring my giant box of paperwork which contains tax stuff and my readers and umm... not the symphony deadline, cuz i already wrote the dern thing....


Ok, I'm not sending in the score. Why? Well, apparently I need a letter of reference and it's way too late to ask. (curses for not paying attention to this earlier) and also, it's a week long program in October of next year, not just a reading. On the one hand: awesome. On the other hand: I've already got a music program that i'll be attending on October. Anyway, the Wesleyan Orchestra will be reading it in April, so it will still get a performance. And then I can modify it based on hearing it, which will make it better if I decide to submit it to a contest later. And mostly, I'm flaky for not paying attention to the requirements until the day before it's due.... But I've sent tapes and scores and whatnot to a bunch of these contests and so far all I've gotten out of it is the joy of helping support the US Postal Service.

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