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Thursday, 1 April 2004


Yes, you feel gloomy today. (ok, maybe you don't but pretend you do for a minute.) It's a gloomy day. Maybe a day to go back to bed or to be grump or to cry or to yell at the dog. Let's say. But first, let's check a few things: When was the last time, dear one, that you ate anything? Have you had all the meals you should have by this time of day? Would a snack possibly be a good thing? When was the last time you ate anything with protien in it? When was the last time you ate a green vegetable? How long has it been since broccoli crossed your lips? When was the last time you injested a vitamin sort of thing of any kind? What about those omega-3s? Hrm? Been eating right?

Ok, so after a nice snack of broccoli, tofu and brown rice with hemp oil drizzled over it, still feeling blue? Well, what about sleeping? too little? too much? yo-yo-ing between too little and too much? Four hour nights followed by 12 hour nights is a bit bumpy. And what times have you been sleeping? 3:00 am - 11:00 am is eight hours, but it's kind of weird hours. and you miss the morning sunshine, provided there exists some. Daylight waking is good for you. And when I sleep in the late morning, it's not good, solid sleep. it's more like napping. or what if you're going to sleep, waking at a normal time and then turning off your alarm and sleeping until the afternoon? Oh, it's thursday. no class! i'll just nod off for a minute. oh my god, it's 2:00! Not good. Maybe schedule things in the morning?

Ok, eating right, sleeping right, still grumpy? Maybe you should leave the house! When is the last tiem you had a social encounter with another human? Invite somebody to have dinner with you (at least you know you'll be awake by then).

And when I say "you," I of course, mean "me."

I had dinner with Angela last night. She does not read my blog. I was kind of grumpy at the begining of the evening. Spent a lot of yesterday afternoon on taxes. Going through financial paperwork looking for tax stuff is stressful. And I can't find some of it! But what's the worst that could happen? I would have to file an extension. Thinking Wtwtch is very helpful. Ok, so I was still stressed and just got out of many hours of class and sleeping oddly. And I said, "I'm thinking about getting on porzac." And she said, "wait until a sunny day to make that descision." ok, so i'm obviously solar powered. But then I had tofu with mixed vegeatbles and some ice cream and felt happier, so there's something to consider there. figure out what makes me happy and do a bit of it every day.

I've been thinking about priorities lately, because my number one priority has sort of left my life, so what's important now? And I've been putting school/career first, even though that doesn't seem quite right. Shouldn't people come before career? But if that's true, what the heck am I doing in Connecticut so far away from my people? And so I think having a heirarchial list might be the wrong way to go about it. Follow my goals, but do a bit of what makes me happy every day. If it's so stupidly obvious, why did I have to go through the trouble of figuring it out? Everything is so blindingly obvious once I blog it.

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