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Commission Music
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Friday, 19 March 2004


I am going tommorrow (friday) night to see the Audium. If you would like to join me (I would very much like it if you did), the instructions on the Audium website say to arrive at 1616 Bush St., SF. by 8:00 PM. As there are supposed to be large anti-war protests in the City, it might be a good idea to ride transit in (or head over after blocking the federal building or whatever).

The Audium is something of an SF landmark. It's been there since the 1970's. And it's a room with 169 speakers where concerts are given every weekend. I haven't gone before, so it's about time. Reviews of it have been mixed, but there's a few reasons to check it out aside from its landmarkness. some people complain about the old-school 70's synthesizer sounds. (!!????) 70's synths are awesome! They're way better than digital. Anyway, I heard a rumor that it might be opened up for other composers to write stuff for the space, so I want to check it out for that reason too. and I thought it might make a nifty group outing. so come, if you can!

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