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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 23 March 2004

more faq

  1. Did you do any homework during break?
    ummmm. no. well, a little.
  2. Are you screwed?
    No. My goal for break was to get very ahead of stuff. Now I'm behind, but not very. I still have time to spend some weekends in NYC, which I must do or it will have been very silly for me to come out to the East Coast.
  3. Can I come visit you?
    Sure. Gimme some advance notice. My weekends go from noon thursday till sunday night. (woo!) I can meet up with folks especially in NYC, but also in Boston and I can provide lodging at my abode, which lies in between those two fine cities. I might be able to find you a place to stay in NYC. I managed it for Tiffany. Flying JetBlue from Oakland to JFK airport is cheeeep and it is a direct flight. Flying to Hartford is also cheep, if you book in advance or fly red eye. There are no direct flights from Oakland to Hartford, alas. Do not change planes in Dallas, it's way the heck out of the way. Both of those fine airports offer car rental. There is a very useful train out of JFK. I can come get you at Hartford. I can come get you at JFK on a weekend, or at the train station in New Haven.
  4. Are you really going to send all of your CDs to Christi?
    No. I'm trying to split them up evenly. It will actually be nice to have fewer CDs, so I can actually listen to the ones I have left and then I have an excuse to get new ones. all of my pop music is about 5 years old.
  5. What is Friendster?
  6. How much time do you have left at Wesleyan?
    My semester ends the first week of May, which is looming alarmingly nearby. I have two semesters left after that, so I ought to graduate in May 2005.

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