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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 23 March 2004

So you like navel-gazing, eh?

I think I had some lint in there, but then I took a shower....

Talked to my shrink today. "And then this happened and then this happened and this happened...." She nodded and said "wow" a lot. I like her because she does a great empathetic expression. I told her this a while ago and she assured me it was sincere, but I actually don't care if it is or not. Anyway, she said I should feel proud of myself for all the progress I made. So I'm getting an A in mental health. woo! (this is a metaphorical A...)

I'm trying to write some happy music. This started out as a bid to impress CT chicks with mullets, but I think that might be a lost cause. I see them as Thomas Kinkade fans and they see me as the Unibomber. No TV. Doesn't like driving. Makes weird Noise Music. Eats weird things like avacadoes... Yeah, I'm an alien. But at least I don't have a mullet.

People who like my music are mostly geek boys or other composers and other mullet-less types. So I've decided I'd most like to have geek girl fans, insofar as I might have groupies . . . as if . . .. But I'm not writing for their benefit. I'm writing to impress my teachers. No, just kidding. I still want to write some avant-happy music, cuz I'm running out of angst to tap in to. I don't have any real problems right now. I could get angsty about the white stuff settling out of my fridge onto my (tightly sealed) food containers, but I think that will go away shortly... I hope.

I was listening to RadioHead Kid A to get some ideas, because I love their synthpop and it might be cool to write some laptop music and then sing along! but maybe they're not really all that happy? Is my baseline for happiness skewed, or is this just an asthetic issue? Hrm. Been smiling a lot, so that must count for something.

anyway, Kid A is my most recent pop album. Aside from getting all RadioHead since that album, what CDs should I buy? I have some gift certificates. I like indie rock. I like punk rock. I like noise. I like what Sonic Youth has been up to for the last few years. I just got a CD of Laurie Anderson playing live in NYC Townhall Spetember 19th 2001 and I'm not so into it. Not edgy enough, at least in disk 1. I'm not familiar with her work at all, which is why I got the CD. Reccomend me some music so I can buy it based soley on your suggestion!

Today in class, Alvin was talking about a concert that Ellen gave her a few years ago and said it was the best concert that he ever saw. Pretty cool. And I got CVS set up across my home network, so my laoptop will be in synch with my desktop, which will be helpful. yay.

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