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Commission Music
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Monday, 12 April 2004


protools is not working on my desktop. it crashes the computer with an evil hard bad crash. everything has been sketchy on that system since i went to 10.3 instead of 10.2. now i can't run my most important application, basically the main thing i use the desktop for. can't run protools on my laptop because it requires a pci card. double plus ungood.


what better way to distract myself from my woes than posting bad pictures of my campus?

[studios]That building is called the music studios. It actually has windows on the other side. there are practice rooms in the basement, then a bunch of classrooms and offices upstairs. There's also a computer lab upstairs, but i don't have any classes in that building this term, so i only go in the lab when i need to print.

[crowell]That's the big concert hall. It slopes downward into the earth. the stage is two floors below gournd level. It's a nicer concert hall than Mills has, but there is not quite enough seating. It was built with some 70's idealist goal of not having enough seating to turn a profit, so that it would always remian unblemished by commercialism. it's pretty reverberant with all that cement, but they've got some wood stuff inside, which makes it ok for concerts.

[rehersal hall]That's the rehersal hall, where I spend too much of my life. the concert hall is directly to the right of it. They're connected underground. There's a windowless classroom two stories down where we get to hear long lectures about random subjects once a week. On the surface level, the left window is the Electronic Music Studio.

I take classes in other buildings, but i spend most of my time in the music area. If somebody tells me to go to another building, I may stare blankly and ask them where it is. Which reminds me that I haven't done any reading for my mom-music class tommorrow... dern it.

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