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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 6 April 2004

East coast style, west coast girl

[Frozen Puddle]Look at this picture of a puddle. what do you notice? Nasty cigarette butts. Good start. Lots and lots of folks smoke here. what else? It's frozen! That's ice on top of it! I took this picture on my way home right now to illustrate that it's still damn cold here. And the wind is blowing like crazy. brrrrr. this post is image heavy for the benefit of any left coast folks who wonder what my world looks like.

[Ron]So Ron (see photo) noticed that I haven't done any TA work since the start of the semester. This is because he didn't tell me to do anything and I didn't think to ask for a long time cuz I was distracted and then when I did think to ask, I was scared of what might happen. I must now photo document the procedures for using the [EMS]electronic music studio (see photo) and how to use Digital Performer and write a suite of small SuperCollider applications useful for testing the setup. And I need to be able to explain to the class the algorythms for my tuning pieces with handouts on thursday. A bit of work. At least, on my pre-existing to-do list, I called the tax guy and arranged to file for an extension.

[CFA]this next picture is the CFA = the Center for Fine Arts, where I spend all my time. this view is from the south and is most of the music buildings. The whole thing is in this cement block style architecture. some folks love it. some folks hate it. I kind of think it's nifty, but the insides of classroom are a little weird, especially acoustics wise.

[Charlie and Angela]Lastly, here we have Charlie and Angela. Charlie is a composition MA and a mighty fine viola player. Angela is an ethnomusicologist MA and a mighty fine clarinet player. They're good folks.

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