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Tuesday 27 April 2004

I was offline and not blogging

but now i am back online. well, i was metaphorically offline. busy, unhappy, etc.

I have just returned from La Domo Ĝensenius, where I playes sapce invaders and other video games on a linux arcade machine and watched maybe 1.5 hours of Tivo and consumed copious amounts of sugar!!!!!!!!!!! bounce! bounce! bounce! crash....

(picture me typing this really fast. read it alloud as fast as you can to simulate the effect. try not to breathe) ok! tv! is really weird! it has really short scenes that cut togther really fast in aseries of nonsequiters only joined together by pictographic or colorthemes or sometimes by sound or animation style or just the knowledge that yer still watching the same program. what happens from moment to moment has nothing to do with what just happened. or maybe this was because i was watching cartoons. seaforce 2021 or something. what was going on? i have no idea. and Dexters lab. every scene is like 20 seconds long. the plot is barely constructed at all. and it's a tiny bit gender normative. although there was a very brilliant james bond parody. i don't understand, tho, why they can't deconstruct the gender dyniamics they seem to purport to parody rather than reinforce them. c'mon. put dexter in a dress! i've only seen this cartoon once, but i'm an expert on it, really. and the simpsons we watched one or two episodes. i can't remeber now. i remeber there being sex on the simpsons, like that one episode where Homer and Marge discovered exhibitionist tendencies and end up hiding in mnigolf windmills and whatnot. i won't say the sex was just hinted ta, because it was really a major plot point of the episode i'm recalling, which was on when i was an undergrad. i mean, it was the plot. but it i don't think it was so explicitly discussed. also, they seem more disfunctional and adverserial than i recall. and i know that they weren't making bondage jokes when i wa sin highschool and college, cuz i would have caught those. and the plots are much fatser paced. and then this happened! and then this! and then this! and this! and this! no, we won't return to what happened to grandpa as that guy was seducing him in florida! and this! and this! no point other than the ride! flash! flash! flash! flashing lights! sugar! sugar! lights! sugar! lights! sugar! sugar! lifghts! Sugar! Sugar! Lights! Sugar! Lights! Lights! S! L! S! L! L! L! S! S! S! L! L! S! S! S! S! L! S! L! L! L! S! L! S! L! S! L!

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