Commission Music

Commission Music
Bespoke Noise!!

Tuesday, 27 April 2004

Song for Medieval Religous Practices Intersecting with Modern Critcal Theory, Thus Creating a New Symbolic Grid of Heteroglossic Discourse

what do you know, shiny little foucault
i took a relic from your grave, a little piece just to save
i keep up upon my mantle, serende you with some handle
the workers strike, it changed your mind
now a little pice of that is mine
i dug you up with a spade
in a secret midnight raid
no where to go with my bit of foucault
on a rainy day i'll put you on ebay
enjoy the present relaity
with the history of sexulaity
we'll have some dinner discourse
afetr the main course
tell me what you know, my bit of foucault
whoah whoah whoah

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