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Commission Music
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Thursday, 15 April 2004


Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 12:24:55 -0800 (PST)
From: Eileen Hutchins
Subject: forgot

Dear Celeste,
I forgot to mention that Bro Bob will be in Oakland next week, so we gave him your phone number. I think that's cool' that he wants to see you guys.

Catherine called and wanted to be remembered to you. She is in a swwimming exercise program, only this morning she couldn't find her bathing suit. She saidit is worn and mended. We wondered whether the laundry thought it was a rag and pitched it. One day Dad put out the garbage and the garbage man took the can.
Love you, Mom

Brother Bob is a family friend. He now hosts all the holiday dinners for Christmas and Thanksgiving and whatnot. Catherine is my cousin. Actually, she was my grandma's first cousin. She's in her late 80's at least now. She's a nun. And I can't blame the garbage man for taking those cans. They were rusty and dented. One didn't have a bottom anymore. I don't know how my dad kept using them. when we moved from San Jose to Cupertino in the early 80's my dad moved the garbage cans too.

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