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Wednesday 14 April 2004

Left in this year

I got one ten page paper due monday where I must apply critical theory to Joan of Arc. I will be relying heavily on Cixous and talking about how, while with the French army, Joan of Arc escaped binary oppositions about gender. I got one 20 page paper due May 14th, which is a research paper applying critical (feminist?) theory to Christine de Pizan's poem about Joan of Arc. And I've got to do my documentation of the electronic music studio + test utlities for setting up 4 channel audio, prolly also by the 14th. and some sort of installation for a parking garage muzak system by the first week of may. that's it. then I'm done. till next year. My plan is, of course, to finish this all as early as possible so as to coast thru the last few weeks. or leave early.

all the undergrad thesises (thesi?) were due tuesday, as were many of the graduate thesi. Isaac, tho, is still working on his, although he can sometimes be spotted on the porch of India House, taking a smoke break.
[Issac Smoking]

but class has been a bit relaxed as a result of so many folks being done. Especially in the one with the prof whose still out sick.
[Tom]Tom, who just turned in 70 pages single spaced, and whose concert is sunday, participates in a class discussion and installation artists.

And I took some time yesterday to finally get a haircut. Issac was nice enough to take my picture afterwards.
If I look like I've been rained on, it's cuz it was pouring yesterday. connecticut doesn't go half assed with this weather thing.

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