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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 27 April 2004

Parking Garage Music

I'm writing some tunes to be played out of the Muzak system of the big parking garage in town. Currently, it plays obnoxious baroque music, designed to annoy skateboarders. There is a pretty good coffee shop underneath it, with nice outdoor seating, but which is totally ruined by the classical music warfare, otherwise known as a nonviolent deterrent. Yeah, there's a reason the Pentagon studies how people react to music. I think it might count as some form of psychic violence. So I never sit outside the parking garage and i get coffee there less often than i would otherwise.

So next weekend, we're having a music festival which is taking over the muzak system. And I have tunes for it that will not annoy me, but may annoy everyone else.

I dunno if I can include all of these. I think that garage-4.mp3 is my favorite and I'm not sure if garage-3-mono.mp3 really belongs in there at all.

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