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Commission Music
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Wednesday, 28 April 2004

Things Celeste Worries About

  • Do people around me realize how much baggage I have? If they do, will they still want to talk to me?
  • Is my music boring?
  • Am I boring?
  • Am I working hard enough?
  • Is my dog getting enough food, attention exercise?
  • Do I have any clue how to communicate?
  • what if I keep making the same mistakes over and over and can't ever escape them?
  • What if everything that goes wrong is my fault? Like, to the point where my actions actually ellicit, somehow, other people to be mean?
  • What if I'm mean?
  • what if I'm blind to all my own faults that re important?
  • what if I can see them, but can't manage to change them?
  • what if all the bad things I've heard about myself are true?
  • Do I stand for anything?
  • Do I know what my values are?
  • If I had tried harder, would it have made a difference?
  • Did I do everything I could for my mom?
  • Do I know who I am?
  • Is identity important?
  • If I'm grumpy, will nobody want to talk to me?
  • Should I hide being grumpy?
  • what if I'm grumpy all the time?
  • maybe just nobody has realized my propensity for grumpiness, crotechetyness, and angstyness?
  • am i more fxcked up than other people?
  • is music important?
  • has anybody realized how little i actually know about harmony, history and literacy?
  • am i being stupid?
  • If I worry too much, will my hair fall out?

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