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Friday 9 April 2004

Show and tell

[Walter and Chris]That's wlater and Chris. Walter is a grad student. He plays piano and improvises and is very good. He's from Argentina. Chris is a sophomore undergrad. He's the one that brought Peaches to class on tuesday, which is when I took this picture.

[My House]That's the inside of my house before the Seder. My house is not as big in the part I've got than it looks in the picture of the whole thign from the outside. And the oven outside on the sidewalk is gone. yay.

[David]This is David after supercollider class. He just got back from the left coast and he says he bought those glasses at a toystore in Portland Oregon, but couldn't tell me which one. David is a geek. David is living on the wrong coast. When he was in SF last week, he was excitedly IMing me about "war driving." Pull up on a side street, see whose wifi network is wide open. Get online. CT is not like that. no.

[Diner]That's the Olympia Diner. I went there after Supercollider class yesterday with Jess and Tom. Tom is possibly going insane from his thesis, but is very happy UConn won. I once flew on the same plane as the UConn women's volleyball team. I asked them what school they went to. then I asked if they were from Canada or Alaska. Confusing school names.

[Aaron]And last, but not least, this is my housemate Aaron, who is very nifty.

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