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Friday 9 April 2004

Another letter

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 15:07:46 -0800 (PST)
From: Eileen Hutchins
Subject: hi

Dear Celeste,

I'm sorry we didn't get up there for Christi's mom's crafts show. Dad and Grandma came in Saturday afternoon . Dad was exhausted, and slept until noon Sunday, then it started pouring rain, and Granddma didn't want to go out in it . We went out to dinner and she was very uncomfortable. I hope the crafts sale was a big success.I would like to have seen it.Remember the Wiener dog vest? We would probably have bought sometthing.

When can you come for dinner again? This time we'll call ahead for reservations if you would still like to go to Fontana's. yum.

I had some problems logging on to the email. Dad said the problem was with Yahoo.

I love you. Love, Mom

PS, Grandma loves to see you both.

Christi's mom made a vest for my mom with pictures of Mikey, the weiner dog I had as a kid on them. Reading these letters makes me happy. I don't know why I'm posting them. We buried my mom in the weiner dog vest.

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