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Monday, 3 May 2004

For a Long Time Festival

I spent the weekend working at this aptly named festival. Musical events for 14 hours yesterday, counting the parking garage excursion. I see a lot of concerts at Wesleyan and they affect my thinking and that's a good thing, but I don't write about them much as I don't have time to ponder them. I'm on musical overload and it's a wonderful thing.

So on Friday night, Phil Niblock played and showed moves for two hours. His movies seemed to have an aquatic theme at first. boats. fishing. shipping things on boats. then it switched to agriculture. first wheat sort of stuff and then meat. Animals being killed. cut up. cooked and eaten. The animal part had a triumphal feel in the music. some folks in the audience said that the pictures of animals being killed and processed (by hand, as these were images shot in the third world), made them want to go vegetarian. But i dunno, with the triumphal loud drone music going on, it made me feel some sence of victory over banyard animals. there was a long section of chasing, catching, killing, plucking, cooking and eating some chicken, all with this almost victorius feel. The last two nights I've been dreaming of eating chicken. So the meat eaters want to stop and the meat avoider wants to start.

And then saturday, I saw a bunch of installations, then Jascha played a very nifty droney-piece. And I had a sudden insight. I know what I am going to do for my thesis! More later. Jascha's piece was very nifty. then I wandered around more. Talked to a reporter. The second repoerter from the Hartford Courant to interview me about the festival. Apparently, I have not been mentioned in the paper. I should have done more than just parking garage pieces. I was just so tickled by the idea. Anyway. aaron had a nifty staticky installation derived from field recordings of sounds in the area.

Too much happened to post about it. Also, no sleep.

I am working on stuff for my May 6th concert. 8:00 pm. my house. 177 Liberty Street. Analog modular synthesizer. There is a reason you never see these beasts in concert, cuz they're monophonic, they take a long time to patch and you can't "save" patches like on a computer. you have to do it manulaly every time. However, the concert is free. Bring your own beer. I took some pictures of the synth for the flyer: I also have a nice patch going right now, which maybe i'll record, but prolly not.

ok, i did record it

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