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Sunday, 2 May 2004

adventures in civil liberties

so i was just walking back from the parking garage, where i went at 1:00 am to hear my pice played. (after some beer. pardon typos.) i didn't hear my piece played, but i heard three or four pieces. i dunno when mine is on. anyway, i was walkiong back, and me and two guys: a phd student and a grad alum, guys in their 30's at least were walking back towards campus down the street of the city when a public saftety guy started yelling at some kid from his car. he jumped out and demanded id from the kid and started shouting into his radio about spray paint. the kid was just walking down the street, i guess carrying a can of sprsay paint. the public safety guy was giving him a really hard time and me and the two guys were watching, unhappy about how the student was getting hassled. then the guy yelled at us about how we were with the student, so we started to walk away. he starts yelling into his radio for backup. i kid you not. for a can of spray paint. two seperate public safety officers appear and stop us. want to know who we are. want to see our ids. want to know if we're involved in some very seious incidints of vandlaism!! so they question us and demand to know ids. the alum guy gives his phone number and keeps saying he's staying in the guest house, as that must give him some non-miscreant creds. the phd guy gives out his name and id. i shake my head and walk off. /another/ public safety guy appears as we get back to campus where i'm trying to retrieve my bike. he takes my picture with a digital camera so they can id me later. for a kid with a fxcking can of spray paint. so i start yelling at him, saying, "you guys think you're the fbi!" and he comes back with, "i know who you are! i've seen you walking around campus here last year before you graduated!" this guy works night shift. there is no way he's seen before, especuially last year. so i laugh at him and he's all "i know who you are! i've seen you! i know who you are!" i think the civics department must be in trouble.

In other news, the festival is groovy. and i have an alibi for whenever this spray painting thing occured!

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