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Commission Music
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Friday, 21 May 2004

near misses

bass book buying

broken keyYah, so I went biking up Shattuck to go buy a book for my bass lessons. Totally for got where Bancroft was and rode way too far before turning back. Got to sheet music shop and went to lock the loverly borrowed bike. The lock was being stubborn, so I gave the key one hard jerk and got the lock to engage and then saw that I had badly bent the key and it was torn. Alas! So I went into the music shop and asked the guy behind the counter where I could get the key dubplicated. He gave me advice and told me that he spent years playign the tuba and had recently decided to take up playing upright bass. me too! He has a quartet called the "Tuba Dudes" and they're looking for another bass tuba player, so I gave him my email adress. Then I walked to hardware store to get my key copied, but they were closed. All the hadrware stores were closing. It was late. I was miles from home. The bike lock is not good enough to leave a bike out overnight in berkeley. bah. so I bought a lot of bike grease and then covered the lock with it. It came open at the same moment that the key snapped in two. Seriously. And then today I noticed that I bought book two of the bass method instead of book one. bah.


A shot glass full of lemoncello landed directly on top of Cola's laptop. I blinked at it for a while and told it to run software shut down. then my brain rebooted and she pulled out the battery and unplugged it. We shook it out and pulled off the keyboard and virtually no booze got inside the case. I called my amused little brother who told me to wash the gooey parts (or maybe the GUI parts?) with distilled water and let it dry for several days and then reassemble it and it will be fine.

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