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Wednesday 19 May 2004


Yes, a so a few days ago, I mentioned how my friends from my undergrad days, who I hadn't seen much in the last few years, had changed. Everyone wants to know how they, in particular changed. Well, lemme tell you. Everyone is, understandably, more mature, which is good given that years have passed. People's positive points have all become more evident. Several folks' annoying habits (I am not going to provide any particulars here about anyone) have receeded or disappeared entirely. There is less smack talking. Yah, I dunno. Everyone seems to have gone and had some life experience and acquired some additional thoughtfulness and charecter. I mean, these were always good folks, right, but now they're good folks a few years older. so yes, I don't want to relive my undergrad days, no way, but it's nice to have friends from then.

I am being very lazy. I've been back a week and I haven't done anything except finish and turn in my paper, get my bass (and exchange the french bow for a german one) and have a lesson. all the rest of the stuff on my todo list is festering. bah, somebody hand me stuff on a silver platter. how about a rehersal space for Tennis Roberts? Nobody in the band has a garage and my practice space has been taken over by a long string instrument. ..... must... rouse... self.....

bah. need some clothes. i haven't bought summer clothes since 2000 or earlier. need to fix bike flat. need to buy bass method book. tomorrow is bike to work day.

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