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Wednesday 19 May 2004

zzzz... huh?

hm, I seem ot have been asleep for the lst two hours and thus not done any of my errands. bah. oh well. Yesterday, I rented a bass upright bass from Best music. Today I had my first bass lesson. I need to swap my french-type bow for a german type bow, but looks like that won't happen until tommorrow. bah, I have no work ethic, I just want to nap. At some point, I will have recovered my sleep deficit from last semester and be running a sleep surplus. that will be weird.

Yesterday, I also went to the memorial service of Margret Lyon. She is the former head of the Mills Music department and was the person who brought the San Francisco Tape Music Center to Mills as the Center for Contemporary Music. She was personally a musicologist who wrote her PhD dissertation on a Renissance English composer, but she recognized that New Music would be the next big thng and turned Mills into a center for it. She's made a huge difference for music at Mills and by extension music in the Bay Area and music in general. One of the Kronos Quartet violinists got up and told a story about how Lyon saved the quartet from doom. They were in residence at Mills for a while. She invited Terry Reiley to teach at Mills and said fine when he said he wanted to bring Pandit Pran Nath, so shared Terry Reiley. Both Kronos and Reiley played some tunes.

The memorial service was not well publicized as the family wanted to make sure that random people didn't show up. I would have felt like a random person, except a Mills faculty member told me about it and because I'm a Mills alum and stuff. I directly benefitted from the wisdom of Margret Lyon. So I felt half-random. Surprisingly, college President Jan Holmgren did not show up, even though the entire music department faculty was there. During her graduation speech, she mentioned deceased proferssor emeriti and said stuff about mourning their loss. I don't want to speculate on why she wasn't there, but given that the drama department was just killed, it does make me a bit nervous. Picture of a tiny drama-protest from gaduation:protest

I must now go get Cola from work. yay.

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