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Sunday 9 May 2004

So how is that paper going, anyway?

You can read my paper in progress at . Feedback is always welcome, at least, it is before Friday as that is the final due date. I'll be periodically re-publishing my paper to that url as I work on it.

and, alas there is more on my todo list:

  • Pack and ship things to christi's parents, including CDs, books, dished and vinyl records
  • Go get images from the lab for documentation, including any unphotographedhardware and screen shots from lab specific software, like the MOTU interface thingee
  • Pack to go home (augh, still don't have big suitcase - i should go check out thrift stores, but alas, i bet other students have already cleaned them out)
  • Buy more dogfood
  • get two sets of key copies made for folks that will be around my wes house over the summer
  • clean room. do non-essential laundry. don't want ot come home to a festering pile of months old dirty underwear, no i don't. anymore than folks luring around my house in the summer would like the idea....
  • completely empty the refrigerator. all the way empty. i do not want to repeat spring break fiasco.
  • return the 30 or so library books i have out
  • return equipment to the lab
bah. there's probably more. I must have all of this done by 2:00 wednesday.

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