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Tuesday 11 May 2004

Status update

My TA stuff is under control. My gear is returned to the lab. I'm waiting till fall to ship Christi's stuff, even though this means shipping it to france, which will be much more expensive. My hosue is still a disaster. I have 8 pages left to write. The paper in progress is continually being updated at


  • Pack to go home (augh, still don't have big suitcase - i should go check out thrift stores, but alas, i bet other students have already cleaned them out)
  • Buy more dogfood
  • get two sets of key copies made for folks that will be around my wes house over the summer
  • clean room. do non-essential laundry. don't want ot come home to a festering pile of months old dirty underwear, no i don't. anymore than folks luring around my house in the summer would like the idea....
  • completely empty the refrigerator. all the way empty. i do not want to repeat spring break fiasco.
  • return the 30 or so library books i have out
If it's not on this list, I've forgotten about it and need to be reminded.

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