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Monday, 17 May 2004

Yes, I'm home

I've been around since wednesday, but I've been offline and kind of hiding in Cola's apartment. I did go see Sophie graduate from mills with her BA (it's about time...). I have pictures, which I will post later. Saw her mother. It was nice to see her again. Sophie and her mom are so cute. Danica and T also came. It's funny seeing how people have and have not changed. When I saw folks over spring break, I thought "wow, they have not changed a bit!" and thought it was odd that they could be frozen in time. But, of course, they have changed. Subtly and not so subtly. Danica, for example, is on testosterone and has acquired a certain gravitas and air of responcibility. However, still managed to run out of gas on the way to the Berkeley biodiesel station. That biodiesel station is conviently located directly behind my building, but my pickup runs on gas. oh well.

Yesterday, Cola and I went out on Mitch's boat with Mitch and Humanchu and two French women. Every time I've been out on that boat, there's a small craft advisory, but yesterday was definitely the most choppy trip I've been on ever. We bounced and got wet a lot. Mitch has a new boat stereo, which is very nifty. After boating, we went to Mitch's new house. He lives in a scary townhouse development. But it has a little pool and a hottub, so we went and sat in the hottub, which was very nice. And Mitch's household lent me a bike. yay! It needs new innertubes, which I will go get later today, after I get done lounging.

I like Cola. She makes me hapeeeee.

If you want to hang out, you can reach me by calling my cell phone 860-301-2508, which is a connecticut number or by calling my berkeley home phone, which has not changed. my berkeley abode is in a cell dead spot, so trying both numbers can be a good idea, or just call berkeley if you're in california without "free" long distance. i'm here till august. I am currently jobless (if you see anything, esp part time or audio -related, drop me a line!) so have lots of time to hang w/ you, although I must write mad amounts of music and spent 2 hours a day practcing double bass. I'm about to go rent one. yay.

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