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Thursday, 19 August 2004

status update: still in middletown

i've been waking up super late. i've been super-tired since i got here. my room is still messy, but getting much much better. i had to do something or fema might have interviened.

any my lawyer just called. i have to start refinancing my condo TODAY. I have to go to the bank TODAY. with the cleaning, laundry (still need to buy soap), errands and lawyer stuff going on, will i ever manage to leave for nyc? or will i just be super tired? i need to buy a new pillow. i'm sleeping super-lightly. bah.

must stop whining. i only have to take 2 classes this semester and 1 next semester. of course, i think i may enroll for 4 of them, just cuz they look interesting.


yesyouam said...

the thought of you in such a pillowless state is saddening. :(

Anonymous said...

why do you have to do everything so immediately? is your lawyer just exaggerating, or do you literally have to do everything today? that sucks.


Les said...

i have to be now now now cuz my ex is freaking out.

i don't have time to do it all today, so she has to wait anyway.