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Wednesday 18 August 2004

"this is a family neighborhood now"

there was just a bunch of kids fighting in front of my house. didn't see it, but most, but not all, of the kids who ran off afterwards were african american. My upstairs neighbor, object to the "black kids" running amok. She says "this is a family neighborhood now"

code words

black kids don't belong here. I pointed out that black kids are clearly part of families, but she postulated they come from "crack houses." Does she think this is New Haven?

there you have it. "family" means "white middle class" and sheltered as hell. Yo, this is the suburbs! oh my god, it's the burbs. the evil, boring as hell, nothing for kids to do burbs.

a large group of my white neighbors are now talking to the cops. i want to go home.


Anonymous said...

hmm, downtown middletown is pretty far from the scary suburbs where i come from. at least there ARE different ethnicities here.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand....
today in one of my meetings there was this woman who I'd never seen before... have you ever met someone and it seems like they're behind a one-way mirror? like you can see what's going on with them but they're not hearing or reacting to anything you're saying? and they're just walking around out there doing stuff? and you're like, how are you in class, or whatever? anyway. she was in that place.

and she was talking and she went off on this tangent about how people are stealing her money. and she doesn't know why. and how she's not prejudiced and she doesn't know who's stealing her money but most of the people in her neighborhood are black so she is going to write a letter to governor schwarzenegger (those two words don't really go together) to tell him that she doesn't know who is stealing her money but she thinks it's black people so can he please start some kind of program to get black people more jobs so that they won't steal her money anymore.

oh, and THEN she went on about how it doesn't make sense because come to think of it most of the black people in her neighborhood seem to have jobs, because mostly she sees them in stores, so she doesn't know why they would have to steal her money. because "oakland is very integrated." but then she doesn't know WHO it is!

it was quite the... something. the secretary had to cut her off.

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