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Commission Music
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Friday, 10 September 2004

First week of classes

All three are pretty cool. I feel so light on my feet, only having three classes. But I must write a lot of music. I must write a solo vocal piece by tomorrow evening. I will take the text by a blog liscenced under a creative commons liscence that allows derrivative works. It is my plan to use blogs under that liscnce as a source for words for any future works. If you want your blog to be a possible source for songs I write, you should so liscence your blog. If you don't want me mucking around with your words, then don't liscence anything.

I took my language exam today in Esperanto. UC Sanata Cruz faxed me some text by Lou Harrison. They are super awesome. I found out that I could have just used a magazine. I wish that I had, as lou designed his own fonts and they're hard to read. I will keep this in mind if (when) I re-take the exam in the spring.

I have things I could rant about (no, not republicans (except: who are these swing voters? and kerry has a 20 point lead among people who vote based on issues. what else do you vote on? who's cuter?)), but it would be unseemly, to rant publically.

I've received word that Chicken, a cat belonging to my ex, has taken to making flying attack leaps and drawing blood on people above the waist. Do you like ferral cats? Would you like to host one for a while? I think maybe a large cage is the answer. If she were a dog, she'd be in the pound right now. Heck, if she belonged to me, she'd be in the pound right now. Maybe she'll go to the pound anyway.

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