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Saturday, 18 September 2004

Kerry: Tell a Friend

Despite a quagmire in Iraq, a tanking economy and millions of jobs lost, it appears that Bush is in the lead. One of the most effective things that one can do to prevent a second Bush term is to talk to people about the issues and how they effect you. For example, a constitutional amendment against same sex marriage, a part of the Republican platform endorsed by Bush, seems like a bad idea to me, because I'm queer and I want equal rights. They wanted to amend the constitution against interracial marriage too. think how stupid and terrible that would have been. We'd still be trying to get rid of it. We've amended the constitution to take away rights before, during prohibition. It was a disaster. And passing anti-gay laws hurts gay people. The court could look at that amendment and interpret it to mean that gay relationships and gay sex ought to be illegal. Anti-sodomy laws were just declared unconstituional last year. If that amdendment got passed, the court would look at it as frowning upon gay relationships and sodomy would be illegal in 20 states again. People were actually beign arrested in Texas. This is no joke. This is human rights.

Furthermore, Bush would like to make abortion illegal. While I'm unlikely to be in a situation where this would matter to me, I still want to be empowered to make those kind of descisions. And what if abortion was only legal in cases of rape or incest. Well, while I was an undergrad, one of the students was raped by an aquaintence in her dorm. She reported it to the police, and the DA decided that there was not enough evidence to charge the rapist. Charges are filed way less than half the time. Less than half of rapes are even reported. So if she had been impregnated by that rapist, well, there's not enough evidence to try him. So can she have an abortion? Or does she have to carry that fetus to term. Furthermore, if a fetus is a person, why would it be ok to abort it under any circumstance? A fetus is not a person. I think some people want to say it's a person because they don't want women making descisions about sex and fertility. Many right-wingers also oppose birth control and all extra-marital sex. they don't want to save babies, they want you to be barefoot and pregnant. when Bush talks about a "culture of life," he means you: married, to a person of the opposite sex, having babies whether you want them or not.

Also, I kind of missing being able to get a job. The economy was way better under Clinton. Bush is running up huge deficits and cutting domestic spending. This is hurting us now and will keep hurting us for years.

These are a few of the reasons that I think Bush ought to be removed. For 116 other reasons, check the Daily Reason to Dispatch Bush

and, on a more positive note, Kerry is a smart guy. He's a guy who stands up for what he believes in. His testimony about Vietnam showed the strength of his convictions. He's articulate. He understands foreign policy. He's been a good senator. He'll make a fine president. He's been in a war. He understands what war means, not just as a politician, but as somebody who has been on the ground. None of the Bush team went to Vietnam. But Kerry did. He volunteered for a dangerous assignment. And the things he saw turned him against the war. when he talks about peace, he speaks about it from the perspective of somebody who has seen both sides. He's been there. He knows what he's talking about. He can help us rebuild alliances with our allies. He can lead us back to peace and prosperity. A peaceful, prosperoous America is a stronger America.

I dunno about you, but I think wistfully back on the Clinton days. I was over paid. There was money for the arts. things were going really well. Are we better off today than we were four years ago? Kerry for president: Tell a Friend.

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