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Commission Music
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Saturday, 18 September 2004


I wrote some code that looks for spaces in sound files and then reshuffles the order of playback. So it looks for spaces when people are speaking and then puts their phreases in any order. This only somewhat decreases the intelligibility of Ann Coulter. I was sort of fascianted with her, not now I hate her like she deserves. She's so . . . nuts.

I might start my thesis with some pundit reshuffling, but will probably update the content, so it's more current to whatever she's punditting around then. Here's the rough draft: coulter gone wild

feedback appreciated

yes, it's 3:00 am. so what?

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Jesse said...

it sounds good, and it demonstrates that random reshuffling creates enough coincidental pairings that it is about as good as an intentional reordering.

did the piece consist of sequential iterations of the reshuffling process? that's what it sounded like at the outset, but i wasn't sure by the end, as i also thought i heard new phrases later in the piece (though maybe i didn't).

there's something efficient and reminiscent of this sort of punditry anyway about slicing up and randomly ordering phrases, so i like that. i also like the anxiety-producing energy of the source material, which the treatment enhances.

is there anything else for you, conceptually, about random-reordering that led you to choose it for this piece?

also, is there pitch bending going on?

i'm helping my friend beau martin teach a course in experimental music at The Kildonan School a boarding school for students with dyslexia in upstate new york, and one assignment will be re-ordering questions/responses from the Bush-Kerry debates. do you think this piece (or any other work of yours) might be suitable to play for the class prior to introducing the exercise?