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Thursday 9 September 2004

Rod Paige

You know why this guy kicks ass? Because he's so on-message! Right, like, anything we disagree with is terrorism. Like, we don't like Iraq, so they're all terrorists. Well, we don't like the teacher's union. So Paige called them a terrorist organization. Isn't that awesome?

Whatever the size of our armed forces or economy, no nation can sustain its greatness unless it educates all of its citizens, not just some of it. 

Um, some of "them." Education are sure important.

No one understands this better than President Bush.

No one else has the courage to ask "is our children learning?"

He's always had a compassionate vision for education

We know what "compassionate" means when we apply it to Bush. Don't worry. We won't have the masses getting uppity with book learning.

This speech is too short to mock properly. They must have given this guy all of ten minutes. Either that or he spoke really slowly. I think it shows where education falls on the Bush agenda. Now that we've heard a short speech on education, we can get back to the important stuff: war, terror, fears and icky queers.

Hell, he probably said something about NEA terrorists because he thought somebody from the white house might accidentally pay attnetion to education.

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