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Thursday, 9 September 2004


This is weird, cuz remember when Frist got in trouble for racism and then got disgraced and lost his position of leadership? Why are they letting him speak after that? What do you mean he didn't get in trouble for it? what?

Well, today the nameplate on the door of my Capitol office reads just that William Frist M.D. It's a constant reminder of my dad's advice: to work each day to better the life of every individual American.

I'm a doctor, so nothing I say can possibly be wrong or crazy

Thanks to [Bush's] leadership, over 40 million seniors and individuals with disabilities will soon have access to prescription drugs. What's more, prescription drug coverage is the centerpiece of something bigger: the first real reform of Medicare since its creation.

Something had to be done about medicare. I mean, billionaires don't need it. Why is it still here?

So, we started by changing it so people could sacrifice benefits for drugs. Just because I'm a doctor, you don't need to worry. I'm a Republican. No one in this party since Nixon will ever tell you that healthcare is a right.

And let me point out that our opponents talked about doing this for eight years.

ha ha ha! Remember how we derailed them? Hoo-boy, we ran those ads. And we attacked the health plan until it was on life support. and then we practiced some compassionate euthanasia on it. Can I give a shout-out to my good buddy, Dr. Kevorkian!

Our opponents have a way of confusing compassion with dependency. We believe true compassion encourages and empowers Americans to be responsible and take control of their own lives. That's what President Bush and the Republican Congress did when we made Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) the law of the land.

Because it's not compassionate to just give somebody with cancer radiation treatment. That's like giving a starving person a fish instead of teaching them to fish. If we don't encourage people with cancer to have extra income, how will they ever have any savings. Look, people, it's simple: stop living from hand to mouth and from paycheck to paycheck. If you want to survive cancer, you're going to have to stop being so poor.

So here's the choice: do we grow the bureaucracy and gouge you with higher taxes, as Mr. Kerry will do? Or, do we let the American people grow their own HSAs and own their health care, as George Bush wants to do?

Do we want to help our rich friends dodge taxes or do we want to help poor people keep living their miserable lives? You know, one of the great tenants of McKinleyism was social darwinism. It's an idea whose time has come back.

Another reason health care costs too much is our abused medical liability system. The culprits are personal injury trial lawyers. We oppose these predators.

They are so evil. They have the crazy idea that companies should pay for hurting people. And did you realize that the democratic veep candidate is one of these vipers? He's clearly a communist.

[A doctor] said the [insurance] situation has worsened. Though he has never been sued, his liability insurance has doubled.

And although regulating insurance would be the logical solution to this problem, or better yet, nationalizing care, that would cut the profits of our biggest donors, so we'll screw patients instead.

That hospital has the only level 1 trauma center in the region. What if it closes?

Vote for us or terrorists will attack us with nuclear weapons, all the hospitals will close and your children will be molested by homosexuals!

Let's be clear: you can no longer be both pro-patient and pro-trial lawyer.

Really, you can't be pro-patient and pro insurance company, but hey, let's blame people who advocate for patient's rights. Have you ever had an accountant deny a standard treatment to a gravely ill relative? Well, it's not the fault of the accountant, it's the fault of the lawyer you hired to write them a threatening letter so they would treat your mother's cancer.

[Edwards] is the "Dr. No" of tort reform in America.

Liberals are so out of control with their over-the-top rhetoric! Have you seen the crazy things the protesters have on their signs?

An embryo is biologically human. It deserves moral respect.

unlike those non-billionaires who are sick and think insurance companies should have to pay for treatments.

Tax credits for the uninsured, electronic medical records, a just, fair and fast medical liability system: these could be part of our future. But, only one candidate will lead us there - President George W. Bush.

Cuz uninsured people totally have extra cash!

We have a choice. John Kerry's trillion-dollar government-run plan will place your health in the hands of others far away.

Allowing folks access to healthcare costs too much.

Everything is better if it's done for the benefit of rugged individuals. Cuz that means people who can pay for it! Not those stinky poor people. If we did things collectively, why that might be more efficient. And remember, profits come from inefficiency. This party will never stand in the way of profit. Especially not on behalf of people who can't donate to us.


Jesse said...

Well ... Lott, who preceded Frist as Senate Majority Leader got in trouble for making racist comments when honoring retiring Senator Strom Thurmond. Lott did get in trouble for it and lost his position and Frist replaced him. Lott probably got a speaking slot at the convention too, but I'm not sure.

Les said...

i was misremebering

Bad things about Frist: he is deeply invested in for-profit hospitals, meaning he is profitteering off the sick.

He is anti-abortion and champoined the "partial-birth abortion" ban, the first criminalization of doctors performing medical procedures in US history. He is ok with abortion in cases of rape or incest, so clearly a fetus is only a human if a slutty woman is getting deserved payback.

And, when he was a med student, he used to adopt kittens from the humane society and then preactice performing surgery on them.

Aside from the last one, Frist is acting contrarily to issues of health and issues important to doctors. While he's certainly qualified to practice medicine, he is stabbing his peers in the back.