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Commission Music
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Saturday, 11 September 2004

weekends off? ha!

Um, even so, my todo list has gone somewhat awry. I'm not going to find a double bass to play in time for Monday. Not going to happen. I'm just going to play tuba this semester. And I'm not packing dishes until tomorrow. I don't think I have to record anything today, but, um, I dunno.

I don't think I like my vocal piece, but it has to be done by tonight, so, um, yeah. [ MIDI | Scortch (requires free plugin) ] the text is from Nicole's blog and the notes are from some words in Solresol. I think it sounds gimmicky, but Jess likes it. Or maybe she was just saying that so I would let her use my laptop.

Tomorrow: rehersal, learn some parts for tuesday, other parts for wednesday. I'm going to be a tuba playing fool. I'm a little sad about not playing bass, but, I have a tuba and I spent years taking lessons on it and I really ought to play it more often. And it's a bit more portable.

My landlord ripped out part of the celeing of my bathroom. I wonder how long I will have hole in my ceiling?


Jean Sirius said...

where the words at?

Les said...

unfortunately, MIDI doesn't do speech synthesis. I'd have to go record a singer or something to get something with words that i could post.

i /could/ record a singer on tuesday.