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Thursday 11 November 2004

Not in the News

Two Tanks Arrived at an Anti-War Protest in LA. The protestors did not start chanting "this is what democracy looks like" or any variant, but broke out with a long chorus of "bring the troops home now." The tanks hung around for about ten minutes and then one of the soldiers yelled "go home" at the protestors and they drove off. This all gleamed from watching the video.

  1. Isn't it illegal to use the armed forces for domestic police actions?
  2. Why isn't this story on the front of the LA Times

Protests with big speakers where people with signs stand around in the dark chanting while cops circle meancingly around really really suck. And then they sent tanks. That protest needed a band or some singing. Aside from The Little Red Song Book is there a good source of protest songs? Is anybody writing them? There needs to be an internet site dedicated to lyrics and sheet music for peace hymns and protest songs and also band arrnagements of said songs, like Down by the Riverside and La Internationale. If this is going to be a police state that sends marines to peaceful demonstrations, the demonstrations should at least be fun.

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