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Wednesday, 15 December 2004

Government Disinformation

The New York Times is reporting that the pentagon plans to release lying press releases to the foreign press. Does this mean that they've been telling the truth until now? I'm confused. I thought most of their press releases were already lies. Apparently, we need to lie to the world so that they will beleive us and like us. This reasoning seems faulty. I find it prfoundly disturbing that we think the only way we can combat anti-American sentiment is to lie. Is that a tacit admission that every bad thing folks are saying about the US are true? If the only way we can argue with critics is to lie, well, the critics must be right. I think the people who are coming up with these plans are communist plants: people who were recruited during the cold war to destroy the US and have risen to power and have not abandoned their mission. How else could a plan so obviously stupid be hatched? If we have any credibility left at all, well, forget it.

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