Commission Music

Commission Music
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Friday, 3 December 2004

Right Wing Voices and the Just

Performance Proposal

I propose a program of politically themed electronic music pieces interspersed with just intoned pieces, similar to those on the accompanying CD. The work is realized in real time, and is somewhat different at each performance. I use right wing pundits and political figures as source material for text-sound composition both to explore the sounds of the human voice and to highlight the words and meanings in political speech. I focus on the right wing so as to create pieces that are a form of protest music. The text-based pieces consist of one or more samples and a computer program that I have written to manipulate them. Processes include granular synthesis and tone generation. The non-text-based pieces use just intonation, a form of natural tuning where all the notes are perfectly in tune with each other. I like mixing pundits with just intonation, because the meditative nature of the just tuning counteracts the stress of listening to lying weasel pundits.

Instrumentation: Laptop Computer. I will supply my own.

Time: 30 – 60 minutes. (Length of performance can be tailored to available time)

Technical requirements: stereo speaker arrangement.

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