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Friday 3 December 2004

semester nearly done

I submitted 2 proposals to Kent State, which are the two previous posts. Jesse also submitted a paper proposal. I like his better than mine, because it's more concrete and I like knowing what action to take. I think our papers might go well together, actually. Here's how to do it. Here's how to keep Nike from stealing it. ("The revolution will not be televised. Buy this sweatshop shoe.")

I have a final exam in conducting on monday. I'm d00med. alas. But then, I just have a few more days of class and two concert and I'm done. Except for the million more concerts I must record. Speaking of concerts, I played tuba last night for an hour and got paid $10. w00t. I think that's a living wage in CT. Except that there's no way in hell i could play tuba for 8 hours a day in performance and i don't think anybody would want me to. Actually, I'm not in it for the money, which I was surprised by. My plan to blow it all on Krispy Kremes was thrawrted. I've turned into a New Englander insofar as like donuts goes. But I think I liked them before. I used to go to Colonial Donuts in Oakland. You can tell they're colonial pecause the powdered sugar donuts are opressing the chocolate donuts

As I was falling into a sweet, blissful, i'm-so-tired sleep last night, I decided that I'm currently the happiest I've been since my undergrad days. I clearly like school a lot. I deal with what I'm interested in. I get a lot of creative freedom. People care about what I'm doing. I get instutional support. I can spend all day thinking about whatever issue is currently on my mind and transform it into music somehow. I spend so little time goofing off. Well, I think I'm goofing off, but then whatever I'm goofing off doing turns into something. Sometimes a bit slower than it should, but whatever.


Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg said...

maybe kent state will take both of us and another person or two and put together a panel on contemporary art and progressive social movements or something.

i really like your paper, though. your proposal is totally different than mine. it's more historical, and it's a much better history than the one i had before i mostly scrapped it and focused on the recommendations. the focus on strategies for resisting co-optation is really nice. my history mostly centered on how experimental composers wre leftists, but still didn't have much of a productive relationship with social movements.

my advisor for the time being, neil rolnick, also sent something in, though i'm not sure what, but he says he thinks kent state will only take proposals relating to the 1970s kent state stuff in particular, if they can get enough submissions on that stuff, which would be a pity. looking at previous years' line-ups, though, i think they've chosen a variety of stuff, but our work might be too obscure for them.

hope not. really our papers do complement each other well. it'd be fun to be on a panel with you.

pq said...
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pq said...

funny how my eye jumped right to the "happiest I've been since..." part. because of my professional training? my advanced age? maybe it's just because i'm the happiest i've ever been, and i'm noticing how really *fun* happiness is. (who knew! in my family, happiness was the theoretical prize for being a good person. ::eyeroll:: ) anyway, dear Celeste, i like reading that you're having some H these days. couldn't happen to a groovier gal.

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