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Friday 17 December 2004

She has her father's smile and her mother's boundaries

Had a flash of realization this afternoon: I am my parents. Which is not so bad, but it would be ice not to repeat all of their mistakes put together. So do I go with it while ferritting out bad behaviors or spend years in therapy trying to undo it?

I'm gone tomorrow. And I really need to work on my thesis. This blog deluge will not last. Don't change your channel.

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Jean Sirius said...

the realization that we are our parentsis the end of denial, and the beginning of wisdom.

now that you know this important fact, you know what sorts of things to be watching for. you know what kind of failsafes you'll need. my mom taught me everything about kindness, by being almost entirely devoid of it herself. i also learned to take myself less seriously, by watching how killing is that deathgrip on self-importance. from my dad: not so much. well, except "don't get caught," because as far as i know, he didn't.

it's a good thing. relax. and have a swell visit.

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