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Thursday, 16 December 2004

Sex and the S1ngle Girl

Before you rule homosexual men out of your life, however, let's consider. Are they really monsters? Some very famous and beautiful women are married to them.

Psychiatrists tell us homosexuals have a strong sex drive. They are little boys, or girls, in an arrested state of sexual development (except the ones who are so strongly developed that they like boys and girls). The former, like you and me, arrived at the age of puberty when girls like girls and boys like boys. Only they never left it. They have tremendous emotional problems, which presumably respond the least of any to psychoanalysis. (If you think you have trouble and are about to open your veins over a man, consider how much lonelier and sillier you'd feel if it were a girl.)

- Sex and the S1ngle Girl: The Unmarried Woman's Guide to Men, Careers, the Apartment, Diet, Fashion, Money and Men by Helen Gurly Brown p 30

Yes, I should be working on my thesis instead of snooping in Nicole's bookcase. But I opened a page at random and there that was. I feel so silly. For being about singleness, there certainly is a lot in there about how to find a man to marry you. Even you can be a beard!

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