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Friday 31 December 2004

Tsunami Relief

I donted money to Unicef and Doctors Without Borders and because of the way the tax code is structured this is actually money from the US treasury. I get to deduct the donation. The amount of government money is thus reduced as I get to rediect it as aid to to tsunami victims. On the one hand, you could see this as a democratic, popularly-controlled way for citizens to direct where relief dollars go. On the other hand, why the fuck do I have to do the work of my goverment? Bush can only scrape up $35 million for tsunami relief? Why doesn't he cut some of the budget for his re-inaguration and send some of that money off to help people? He's aleady been innagurated once. How showy does his second one have to be? I mean, I know he's excited about finally winning an election . . ..

Unicef is run by the UN, which makes international and non-denominational. None of the money will be redirected to trying to trying to convert anybody to Christianity or any other religion. I think this is a good time to support as much internationalism as possible. Bush doesn't agree. Bush has launched a coalition of the willing for tsunami relief. We just can't play well with others can, we? We won't do anything unless we get to be incharge. It doesn't matter how little we actually bring in. Pocket change and only if we get to do it our way and tell everybody what to do. I'm sure somehow there's weird attachments to the aid. We'll rebuild schools, but only if they teach abstinence only. The arrogance of the US Government knows no bounds. We'll screw foreigners. And we'll also screw rich, white vacationers. Remember the good old days when at least some protected group of people could get something out of Uncle Sam? Ok, it wasn't good. But I was hoping that equality would mean treating everyone better, not treating everyone the same amount of worse.

We had an opportunity to improve our reputation and do the right thing and help people and show the world we're not evil, greedy fuckers. But that didn't happen. Because we are evil greedy fuckers. Oh, sure, maybe you're not. Was it Churchill that said that people generally deserve their government? Our government is evil, petty, greedy and vain because our nation is all of those things. I don't want to have to be responcible for donating money for tsunami relief. I don't want to have to manage my own Social Security account. I don't want to deliver my own mail. I want a government that actually does something useful aside from bombing the fuck out of other countries.

Off-topic: why do people who think that Dawin is burning in hell and the evolution in no way explains anything in science think that Social Darwinism makes good domestic policy? If evolution doesn't exist, why are we trying to kill off the weak? It's like their slogan is Evolution is for the poor, not for apes! when the meek inherit the earth, they're going to kick our asses.

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