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Thursday 30 December 2004

What is SuperCollider?

According to

SuperCollider is a state of the art, realtime sound synthesis server as well as an interpreted Object Oriented language which is based on Smalltalk but with C language family syntax. The language functions as a network client to the sound synthesis server.

SC was written by James McCartney over a period of many years. It is now an open source GPL'd project maintained and developed by James and a few others.

Which is to say that SuperCollider is a tool to help you use your computer to make sounds. It’s free and open source. That means that you can look at how SuperCollider was written and modify it, share it with other people and use it any way you want.

SuperCollider has a steeper learning curve than some other music programs like MAX, but it is more flexible and more powerful. This book is written for people who have not programmed before. If you can use your computer, you can learn to program.

That's from my 2 page introduction. Not yet written in the introduction is a list of people to thank. You could be on that list if you want to try using my two (soon to be three!) completed chapters so far and give me feedback on them. (If you think you should already be on a thank you list, you probably are. . . ) Send me email at celesteh at gmail dot com

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