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Friday, 14 January 2005

American Mavericks - The electronic music program

I reccomended that people listen to this thing, so I feel compelled to offer an errata.

  1. The Buchla did not improve on the Moog. The Buchla predated the Moog. It was built for the San Francisco Tape Music Center and was the world's first voltage control synthesizer.
  2. The SF Tape Music Center did not "close." It moved to Mills College where it became the Center for Contemporary Music
  3. Subotnic did not take the Tape Center's Buchla to New York. It is still at Mills College.

All these errors were in the first 5 minutes. I am dismayed.

On a further note, pre-programmed patches on digital synthesizer are not an "improvement" over analog modular. grrr.

Update   Ok, the rest of the show is good. And actually, they're talking about something called the "Buchla Box," which is not the first Buchla, perhaps. However, the beginning is still a bit misleading.

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