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Thursday 13 January 2005

Politics - marketting

This was the first election in 20 years that I did not vote for the Democratic presidential candidate, because of its radical social policy and its complete failure to have a plan to fight islamic terrorism.

found this quote lurking on somebody's blog comments. It does not appear to be a troll. "Radical social policy" seems to be some sort of anti-gay thing, given the context, which, ok, you're a bigot and you want to vote bigot. But "complete failure to have a plan to fight islamic terrorism"??

Clinton had made Al Qeada a huge prioroity. When Bush got in office, he thought everything Clinton was doing was obviously stupid and completely dropped the ball on Al Qeada. This guy clearly doesn't know that. I used to read long articles in the left-wing press about how the FBI was stupidly wasting tax dollars preparing for terrorist attacks that had never (yet) come. Bush stopped all that.

How Do You Know What You Know?

Maybe you read it in a book. Maybe you saw it on TV. If it's a positive or negative idea about a brand, a person, or a poltical idea, then you heard it from marketting. When people don't know that Democrats were the party of effective terrorism fighting until Bush screwed everything up, that's a failure of Democrat marketting and a brilliant success of Republican marketting.

A lot of people have a lot of ideas about how to fix the Democratic party. Let's say, hypothetically, that Democrats were actually doing all the right things. Like anticipating the threat of terrorism, preparing for it and foiling terrorist plots. The problem then, would not be that we were on the wrong political course, but were on the wrong marketting course. Our message is not getting out.

Our problems included lack of media access, a muddled message ("I actually voted for the 87 billion before I voted against it"), lack of an echo chamber, lack of a unified message. I was briefly a Product Manager. I've done a few Product Requirements Documents. Mostly for web applications. That's my marketting background.

We need a slogan, and a mission. We fit ideas within this framework, phrasing things in positive way, according to the slogan and mission. For example:

slogan: fighting for working people

mission: We give voice to the hardworking people of this country and fight for their interests

The children of today will inherit the world of tomorrow. You work hard to provide for your kids, to ensure their future. The world they will live in is part of that future. We must make sure that their air and water is clean. We must ensure that they have the technologies to maintain a standard of living above ours without sacrificing quality of life to pollution. Our children dserve to inherit a world as clean and bautiful as the one we inheritted, if not better. We knwo you work hard for your families. And we want to work hard to maintain your family's health and quality of life for generations to come. Would you do any less for your kids?

Ok, we just framed the environmental issue in hetero-normative rhetoric. In positive terms. Talking about protecting our territory and maintainging our property rights. It's a more powerful way tof rame the debate, since it takes the initiative instead of seeming like it's coming from behind and losing. This is a better marketting strategy.

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