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Wednesday 12 January 2005

Break - My Life

What have I been doing in California? Glad you asked.

The week before Christmas

I met Nicole's family, for the second time actually. I met her parents and sister while she was in college, but only for about 5 seconds and I don't think they remembered. We flew down to the Inland Empire (that's the Desert east of LA, San Bernadino County and whatnot), to Ontario airport and then went to Apple Valley. There don't seem to be apples in Apple Valley, as it is the high desert. That means sage plants, sand, tumbleweeds, Joshua Trees, rocks, etc. In the winter, it rains and is green and rocky and desolate and lovely. I remember long ago hearing a story that God told some Mormons to grow apples there, but then the mormons realized that god was insane and moved on.

So I met all of Nicole's immediate family. They're shy. Her brother is a funny, cynical geek boy. Um, we ate a lot of donuts. I ate a lot of donuts. More than anyone should eat in a weekend. ugh. Her parents were shy, so I sat around eating oodles of donuts. Yes. And drinking coffee. Her father has stockpiled massive amounts of coffee. They have their own well, so if they had a camp stove, they would be set for all sorts of natual disasters. But not WWIII, as I imagine that somebody would use that as an excuse to nuke LA (oh, come on, you would) and I think they would get fallout there. anyway. I met the highschool best friend. She's keen. The family is keen too.

Cola's father turned 70, so the whole extended family went out to dinner. All of them. my goodness. I felt a bit on the spot. They're good people. Cola's dad writes poetry, which is quite good. I like her family. She says they like me. Which is all good.

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