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Tuesday, 11 January 2005

Tiny! Cheap! Mac!


mac mini. works with mac or pc peripherals. those kids that used to carry around hard drives and memory sticks to work in the lab are now going to carry computers in their backpacks.

steve Jobs is sometimes completely birlliant. it looks like a toy, but it has a real processor and a real hard drive. the extra-nifty one is faster than my laptop and has a bigger hard drive. ram only goes up to one gig, but it's certainly fast enough for all sorts of audio crunching. one of those plus an mbox would be very respectable. This will be great for multimedia labs that don't want or need new keyboard, etc. they just want more power.


1 comment:

uncola said...

the tiny, tiny ipod is totally tempting. just big enough for working out/trips around the city via bus/general urban running about. and only 100 bucks, which makes it totally worth it.

also, the mini mac looks awesome.