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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 11 January 2005

Poor Public Performance

my friend said
public performance gets chicks.
try poetry she said.
what a stupid idea.
but then
so stupid
why am i standing here?

she said
even poor public performance works
I guess that’s my
Saving grace
don’t need to look confident
ok to mumble

she made a resolution
she said
to look out for number one
i’m too nice
she said

if there’s one thing the world needs
it’s less kindess
i said
and more
poor public performance

1 comment:

goat said...

wow. i'm honored to have been part of your creative endeavour re this.

also, goddamn, if i were less headachey i would take some critical theory to this, cuz dude first you're channelling me, and "her" is you, then "she" and "i" appear to both be me (being channelled by you), then you're you again for actually the first time in the poem. only that reading is problematic, but then all readings are problematic. but enough, my head hurts.

hooray for post-modernism.

i like the last stanza particularly. i will quote it. it sounds like a song.