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Friday, 28 January 2005

Car Won't start

Well, I dug the two feet of snow off my car and it won't start. um, actually, i only dig out the door when i tried starting it. so mayeb it's bad to try ruinning it encased in ice, but this does not change the fact of a dead battery. Also, something was making an odd noise. I last bought fuel in November. The thing about diesel is that it freezes. I'm hoping the my november fuel is winterized, but if it's not, then um, i need to go buy fuel additive? I need to buy a thingee full of fuel and top of with it? My fuel system hoses would be full of gelled diesel if it's frozen. Maybe my car isn't moving until spring.

In case you're wondering, yes, this is a please for you to come over with jumper cables. I swept all the snow of the hood, just to get possible access.

In other news, the snow seems perfect for making snow people (some un-politicall correct types insist on calling them snowMEN, thus ignoring all the experiences of snowWOMYN.)

update: I know how to hook up the cables, i just need to borrow them + another car

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