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Friday, 28 January 2005

Political - how to Win

If you ask for a loaf of bread, you get half a loaf. If you play is safe and ask for a slice of bread, you get crumbs. The way to get the whole loaf of bread is to demand the bakery. There's word that describes the outcome of going in to a debate pre-compromised and willing to give and take: that word is losing.

The Democratic Losing Leadership Council opposes Dean for DNC chair. Dean keeps asking for the whole loaf of bread! We've focussed-grouped that! Asking for the whole loaf of bread is risky. Wouldn't it be better to just ask for a slice or two? The DLC, who endorsed the last two highly successful presidential candidates, thinks that copying the RNC platform is the way to win. The obfuscation, lying, distortions and scapegoating required to make the voting public buy that platform are apparently lost on the DLC. Maybe one of their focus groups could tell them that the majority of people think that health care is a right and support the idea of nationalized healthcare. But the DLC gets its money from corporations and corporate interests. So why does anybody listen to them? Corporations love fascism. The DLC is owned by those who may not even want Democrats to win.

The DLC has way too much influence and they're proven losers. Screw them. Dean for DNC chair. A guy that asks for a full loaf rather than a slice is the best guy out there right now. Next time, we'll get somebody who will seize for the damn bakery, already.

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