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Tuesday 25 January 2005

Gala Parteeee

If anybody wants information about tickets for a "gala pre-[Other Minds] festival opening party including performances by Michael Nyman and Daniel Roumain and Asian Fusion cuisine by celebrity chef Rob Lam" on Feb 23rd, you should leave a comment, drop a line or call 415-934-8134. Tickets are $125/ person.

I'm supposed to find people who want to go and encourage them to come, but mostly I only talk to graduate students on the east coast, or professors on the east coast. So far, no takers. but it should be really cool. And you would really impress a date. For serious. Dinner, art bigwigs, composers, celebrity chefs! What's not to enjoy?

If the name Michael Nyman is ringing a bell and you can't remember why, It's because he wrote the sound track to the Movie The Piano. You've heard this sound track. You've enjoyed it. It's super keen. He also wrote a book called Experimental Music which is used as a textbook at Wesleyan. And it's just worth reading.

So, yeah, you should go.

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